Thursday, December 3, 2009

eBay search-save tool, sends you eBay alert e-mails

Another tool that you should add to your eBay buying arsenal is It is an ebay email alerts service that allows you to save searches, and then send you an e-mail whenever a new matching item is listed on eBay.

Doing this can give you the jump on other potential bidders/buyers. You can have searches performed as often as every five minutes, giving you the jump on and advantage over other potential bidders/buyers.

For any good deals listed as "Buy It Now"s, you would have a huge advantage. Still, you can get good deals on auctions as well, especially if you use the misspelling search option. Most searchers will never see listings that have main keywords misspelled in the title, so you're competition will be lower. Plus, you can always send the seller a lowball offer to end the auction early, only can do is say no.

Normally I would say to wait until the end of an auction to place a bid (be an eBay sniper), but with misspelled listings, if a seller starts wondering why their item is getting no action, they might discover their misspelling and correct it. So, maybe you could bid early on misspelled listings and get away with it because you won't attract any more attention to the item, as few people will find it.

All you do is enter a keyword into ebuyersedge's search field and click the search button. Possible misspellings of your keyword are then automatically generated, and then you're taken to eBay to see the results.

If you'd like the results, just as with "original term" searches, you can save the misspelling search and receive e-mails when new matching listings are posted.

You can also perform/save "search title and description" (pretty straightforward, searches both the title and description for your keyword(s)) and "in description, but not in title" (essentially the "search title and description" results, minus the listings that have the key word in the title) searches.

On top of the type of search, there are other advanced options you can use to make a very specific saved search. You can narrow the search down by #of bids, current price, if the item is a "Buy It Now", and which category/subcategory to search.

You can start with basic searches such as just your keyword, then check out the results that are sent to you and e-mails and refine your search from there.

I've read that, at least as far as the misspellings go, people make money or even a living by buying these items and then re-listing them on eBay with correctly spelled titles. I don't know how true that is, but it is at least worth giving a try to see if you can find yourself a good deal.

Good luck and get searching and saving!


Rachel Inbar said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog :-) Interesting tip. I'll have to check it out. I have been known to be a sniper... and I often take advantage of the fact that I'm in a different time zone (GMT+2).

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